about-grow-audience-blue-v1Hey, my name’s Derek Wydra.

Before I talk about me, let’s talk about YOU.

You have a vision for your dream life and business. Maybe it includes:

  • Financial freedom.
  • Passion and purpose.
  • Travel and adventure.
  • Contribution and meaning.

And you also know what you DON’T want:

  • A 9 to 5 job.
  • A long commute.
  • A suit and tie.
  • Boring work.

If you’re with me so far, then you’re in the right place. I’ll talk about how you can achieve these goals in just a minute.

First let me introduce myself quickly…

Who is Derek Wydra? Here’s my story and proof I can help you.

Who Is Derek Wydra?
Derek Wydra, Marketing Consultant and Founder of eListBuilding.com

As a little boy, I was painfully shy.

I remember hiding behind my mom’s leg on the first day of school!

Yet it was only as I became a teenager that this shyness turned into a paralyzing social anxiety.

In every social situation, I became super anxious, awkward and uncomfortable.

It got so bad that my armpits would often be drenched in nervous sweat just going to buy eggs at the grocery store.

Don’t worry, there is a happy ending to this story.

Eventually I figured out how to eliminate my social anxiety.

And a couple years later (after reading “The 4 Hour Work-Week“)…

I turned my knowledge of social anxiety into a profitable online business.

I took what I knew about overcoming social anxiety and started teaching others.

  • I wrote blog posts.
  • I recorded Youtube videos.
  • I sold online courses.

And after a few months I was making a full time passive income online.

I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I could run this new business from my laptop so I was spending months every year traveling to exotic countries, seeing new cultures and having adventures.

And the best part was that I never had to work a 9-5 job again and I only worked on what I was really passionate about.

Soon I discovered that what I really loved was marketing. Whenever my friends asked me about “this online business thing” or my parents (who own a small restaurant) asked me for tips… I could keep talking forever.

That’s why I created this website to help you grow your own online business and audience.

A few screenshots of my first online business, which is still up and running:

(I used “Sean Cooper” as a pen name in case you’re wondering. Using a fake name is normal for many authors.)

All the experts agree: The #1 secret to success in online business is…

Having an email list.

The great copywriter Gary Halbert once said that the biggest advantage in business is having “a starving crowd.”

Think about it this way: If you owned a restaurant, what would make you more money?

  1. A fancy logo? or
  2. A crowd of hungry people at your door?

Well, having an email list is like having a huge starving crowd of people on demand.

Most of the money I made in my first online business came from getting my website visitors to sign up for an email newsletter, then selling my courses to those email subscribers.

And I’m not alone…

pat flynn“The money is in the list. The bigger your email list – the number of email addresses you’ve collected, the more money you can make. If you’re just starting out, I think the email list is your best weapon.”

– Pat Flynn,Smart Passive Income Podcast (Pat makes $127,000 per month online!)

ryan deiss“Imagine this… Each day you wake up, type up an email, press SEND and watch the sales roll in. Could there be anything more satisfying than that?”

– Ryan Deiss, CEO of DigitalMarketer (8-figure online business owner)

marie forleo“Even when starting out, it’s important to be having your #1 goal be email list generation. No matter what you’re doing, always be asking yourself ‘The Filter Question’: How is this going to help me build my list?”

– Marie Forleo, Founder of B-School

ryan holiday“Building an email list is the single best way to communicate with your audience, period. Better than Facebook, better than Twitter, better than ads. Because you own it.”

– Ryan Holiday, bestselling author. (And former marketing director for American Apparel.)

noah kagan“AppSumo.com is a 7 figure business and 90%+ of our revenue comes from emails. Every person I’ve talked to who has an email list now, always says ‘I wish they would have started sooner’.”

– Noah Kagan, Founder of SumoMe

In fact, this is the same simple model that 95% of successful online business owners use:

  • Step 1: Get people to sign up for an email list.
  • Step 2: Sell things to those people.

If you had an email list, then you could make money from it in so many ways:

  • By selling your own products, like an online course or a book.
  • By promoting other people’s products as an affiliate.
  • By offering a service like coaching or consulting.

But what are the quickest strategies to build your email list? How can you create your own profitable audience online?

That’s the big question that I’m here to answer for you.

I Specialize in One Thing: Helping You Grow Your Email List Quickly

I can help you build a bigger online audience and tribe in less time.

How? First I research what’s working NOW in 2016 for the most intelligent, influential and successful online business owners.

A big part of this research is The Email List Building Podcast, where you can learn cutting edge list building strategies from marketing thought leaders and successful  entrepreneurs.

Then I reverse-engineer what I learn to create formulas, shortcuts and templates you can use to grow your email list faster.

To get started, sign up for our free email list building course. This is your best starting point to learn how to get more email newsletter subscribers.

Mission + Manifesto

derek wydra mission and manifesto

1. Let’s Escape From Being Average.

derek-weileWhy do most people spend 40-50 years of their one life working for someone they don’t like and doing something they don’t fully enjoy?

I dropped out of university after one year of boredom, depression and misery. My parents hated me for a while. But you know what?

No matter what path you choose in life, you risk failure. So you might as well fail going after what you really want.

2. The Internet is the Biggest Opportunity of Our Lifetime. Don’t Waste It.

We live in a time when most people are either moaning about a “bad economy” or “the 1%” who are supposedly taking all the money.

Let them complain… while YOU create your ideal lifestyle by serving other people through the internet.

The internet lets you market your skills, knowledge or passion to the entire world. No matter what that is.

3. True Wealth is Freedom of Time.

derek-amazon-girl-2I traveled through South America for 4 months. When I came home I was surprised to see my bank balance was actually bigger than when I started. That’s the power of passive income.

(Speaking of passive income, want to know something? I hate beaches. They’re hot, smelly and generally full of ugly people that look like walking oranges. I can’t believe some people’s idea of paradise is laying on a beach all the time.)

For me it’s about new knowledge, travel, relationships and adventures. Like spending a week in the Amazon jungle of Peru drinking Ayahuasca. That’s what gets my blood pumping.

Having the choice to do what you want, when you want, is true wealth.

4. To Get The Life You Want, Master Yourself First.

Have you ever struggled with productivity, procrastination or perfectionism?

Then you’re not alone!

Most entrepreneurs (even very successful ones) have struggled with these problems.

That’s why part of my mission is to encourage and motivate you to succeed. Not just to teach you some marketing tips, but also make sure you get out there and put them to use.


  1. First, I will share with you the latest scientific wisdom for self development, mastery, habits, goals and productivity so you can achieve long-term success.
  2. Second, I believe hearing stories of real-world entrepreneurs who are crushing it is a great way to reignite your own passion.

5. Always Be Growing.

Always make your future bigger than your past. That’s what gives you hope and optimism that life can become better.

You should have some goals that scare you. Here’s some of mine:

  • My goal is to live in 100 countries.
  • My goal is to read 100 books every year.
  • My goal is to make $315,600/year within 3 years, and become a millionaire before 30.
  • My goal is to write a NYT bestselling book.

And to be honest, these goals are probably not even big enough. After I reach them, I’ll have to think of some new ones.

What are your goals?

If one of them is to grow your online business, then I hope I can join you on the journey. Check out The Email List Building Podcast and make sure you sign up for my free course.